"Fendergrip" is a Registered
Trademark of New World Marine, Inc.


Welcome to FendergripCanada ... we are your factory authorized Canadian distributor
for the Fendergrip ® and
Square Rail Adapter

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The Fendergrip can be used on any size boat with any size fenders and any size twisted or braided line from 9-13 mm. And it will attach almost anywhere ... rail, lifeline, stanchion, cleat, grab handle, etc. It is faster, better and stronger than its competition, and has a proven record of performance in harsh environments. It is also covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Two Fendergrips can be used to attach/store a fender on a rail or lifeline. Fenders stored like this can be quickly deployed horizontally when approaching a dock with fixed pilings, or vertically when approaching a floating dock or a raft-up with another boat.

The classic problem with pontoon boats is that there is no good place to attach fenders. Having the seat backs mounted flush up to the square rail makes it impossible to tie a fender line around the rail. Now there is a quick and easy solution. The stainless steel SRA-1, slips between the rail and seat back. Now you can attach a Fendergrip to the SRA-1 or tie the fender line directly to the eye.

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