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Fender Storage:

Fender storage is a problem on most boats. Many skippers use fender racks up in the bow to store their fenders when underway. However, this can be a problem on many boats because the fenders can block the skipper's view from the helm.

With Fendergrips, you can eliminate the fender racks and get your forward view back.

On a typical boat two fenders can be stored on the rail while unerway. These fenders will each use two Fendergrips, and they can be deployed horizontally against a piling, or vertically against a floating dock or another boat.

Two Fendergrips (one on each of two fenders) can be stored anywhere. These fenders can be attached to cleats, bimini tops, grab handles, etc. (see Applications)

This set-up, which uses a total of six Fendergrips on four fenders, works on many different types of boats. The main benefit of this is that there is always one fender ready to deploy, regardless of whether you approach a dock or raft-up on the port or starboard side.


This is the view from the helm of a typical boat using fender racks in the bow. Does this look familiar?
Look what happens when the racks are removed and the fenders stored on the rail with Fendergrips!
Two Fendergrips can be used to store a fender on a rail or lifeline. The stored fender can be quickly deployed as a horizontal fender when approaching a dock with pilings,
or it can be deployed as a vertical fender against a floating dock or raft-up with another boat.
Single vertical fenders that cannot be stored on a rail or lifeline can be stored anywhere. The Fendergrip and fender are removed from the rail/lifeline, then the Fenderggtip is cinched down and kept with the fender so that it is ready for use the next time the fender is needed.