Use Fendergrips wherever you normally tie fenders ... your knot is replaced by a fast and easy to use push button device.


Fender line adjustments take too long!

Seconds before docking, it’s a race against time to set up fenders. As we all know, it’s simply not humanly possible to untie, adjust and knot fender lines to a useful height quickly. As a result, many boaters don’t use fenders. Instead, they resort to fending off with their hands and feet. This can result in serious injury. Of course, boats can also be damaged when fenders are not properly used. Quick and easy fender adjustment is essential for effective fender use.

Fendergrip adjusts fender lines instantly!

The push button Fendergrip provides instant fender height adjustments, with a positive lock to hold the line in place. The patented Fendergrip’s design uses your line’s strength to hold the fender on the boat; there are no straps, hooks or suction cups to reduce the load your line can handle. It’s the best of old world tradition with new world technology; it’s as if you tied a knot by hand, yet have the instant adjustment of a push button. Whether you’re a captain with 30 years experience, or someone who is new to boating, the Fendergrip will allow you to use your fenders more effectively.

Finest Materials

Only the finest materials are used to make the Fendergrip. Two types of UV protected DuPont ® Delrin® are used, one is glass-filled for durability in high stress areas. To counter corrosion, stainless steel hardware is used exclusively. Each Fendergrip is hand assembled, inspected and tested before packaging.


The Fendergrip comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, if it ever fails, we will replace it with a new one.



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