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The Square Rail Adapter (SRA-1) has finally solved a big problem for Pontoon Boat owners!


The Square Rail Adapter (SRA-1 ) solves a problem that has plagued boaters for as long as there have been pontoon boats. Pontoon Boats are the epitome of what a 'party boat' should be. To most owners of these boats, that means rafting up with friends for a good time. However, Pontoon Boats typically have seat backs mounted flush up against the square rails. This makes it impossible to put a fender line around the rail. And if that were not bad enough, cleats and other fixtures for attaching fenders are not always available.

The SRA-1 was specifically designed for pontoon boats with 1.25" square rails. It simply slides between your pontoon boat's seat back and square rail to provide a strong eye for attaching a fender. The eye is laser welded to the adapter and can be used with any diameter line up to 1/2".

Tied directly to the SRA

The most common application for the SRA is to tie the fender line directly to the eye. When approaching a dock or raft up, the whole assembly can be quickly attached anywhere along the rail. Similarly, when underway, the whole assembly can be removed from the rail and stowed away.


Used with a Fendergrip

The SRA can be used with a Fendergip where vertical asjustment are needed. And just like the situation described above, the whole assembly can be quickly and easily attached/removed from the suare rail.

Finest Materials

Only the finest materials are used to make the Square Rail Adapter. Made of 316 stainless steel, it will hold up to the harshest marine environment, and will not rust or tarnish. Underneath the SRA-1, you will find 3 pieces of 3M's 370 antislip tape. This tape protects your rail and prevents the SRA-1 from moving sideways.


The SRA-1 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, if it ever fails, we will replace it with a new one.